In October of 2001, Shante' Bassett attended Take the Lead, a
leadership conference for young women at Mount Holyoke College in
Massachusetts.  As a part of the application process, each delegate was
challenged with task of implementing her vision, which would have a
positive impact on her community.  Shante's vision was to eventually
break down the negative stereotypes placed on teens by holding a fair
where the youth could get information on how to get involved in their
communities.  She returned to her community in Queens Village, New
York and invited a few youth in her community to help her put her
plan into action.  She then established
Youth Getting Involved, an
organization geared toward shunning the stereotype that teenagers are
not willing to get involved in and give back to their communities.  
Youth Getting Involved, also known as YGI, held it's first
"Youth Get
Involved Fair" in April of 2002.  It was a huge success.  The fair was
the first of many events that YGI plans to hold for the betterment of
youth as well as their communities.
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